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button Customs Passenger Handbook 

button NEW Valuation Template Effective 17th October, 2016

button NEW CRSP 2016 Effective 1st June (XLS)

button NEW Rules of Origin - Exporter Application for Registration Form


button Valuation Template 2016 (XLS)


button Form EF2
button Passenger Declaration Form (pdf)
button Detailed Goods Description (xls)
button Duty Valuation Template (xls)
button Import Declaration Fee (IDF) Form(pdf)
button EAC Common External Tariff 2007 (pdf)

eac East African Community Customs Management Act (revised Programmes 30th June 2012)

eac The East African Community Customs Management (Amendment) Act, 2011
eac EAC Customs Management Regulations 2010
customs EAC Customs Forms
customs EAC Customs Management Act  (pdf)
customs Second_Schedule - Prohibited_and_Restricted_Imports(pdf)
customs Third_Schedule - Prohibited_and_Restricted_Exports(pdf)
customs Fourth_Schedule - Determination_of_Value_of_Imported_Goods(pdf)
customs Fifth_Schedule_-_Exemptions Regime(pdf)
customs Sixth Schedule - Warrant_of_Distress(pdf)
EAC Gazette Legal Notice 15th Sept 2005 (pdf)
EAC Common External Tariff 2005 (pdf)

EAC Gazette

customs EAC GAZETTE 30 June 2011 (pdf)

customs EAC GAZETTE 30 June 2010 (pdf)

customs EAC GAZETTE 29 June 2010(pdf)

customs EAC GAZETTE 26 November 2009 (pdf)

customs EAC GAZETTE 14 November 2008 (pdf)
customs EAC GAZETTE 23 June 2008 (pdf)
customs EAC GAZETTE 1 May 2008 (pdf)
customs EAC GAZETTE 18 June 2007 (pdf)
customs EAC GAZETTE 1 March 2007 (pdf)
customs EAC GAZETTE 15 December 2006 (pdf)
customs EAC GAZETTE 15 September 2005 (pdf)

Other Resources

button Valuation Template 2011

EAC Customs Management Regulations 2010

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